November 26, 2015

Where is Singapore?

singapore vacationsSingapore is a small country.  It is, In fact, the second smallest country in Asia.

Singapore consists of a main island, as well as several smaller adjacent islets.  It has a total land area of about 700 sq km, and the area is getting slightly bigger with the reclamation of land.    The main island is of the size of more than 600 sq km.  The rest can be attributed to the 63 offshore islands.  The larger offshore islands are Pulau Tekong (2365.5 hectares), Pulau Ubin (1023.9 hectares) and Sentosa (460 hectares).

Although a country, Singapore is of the size of only cities.  In comparison, New York City (786 sq km) is slightly larger than Singapore and Tokyo (2,187 sq km) is three times bigger.

The location of Singapore is strategic. It is located at one of the crossroads of the world, and is a major centre for trade, communications and tourism. It lies at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, between latitudes 1º 09´N and 1º 29´N and longitudes 103º 36´E and 104º 25´E.

Situated in the Indian Ocean off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, it is linked to Malaysia by two causeway bridges, and by ferry to islands of Indonesia including Batam and Bintang.    It is an air hub of Asia, and there are frequent flights to Asian countries, including popular tourist destinations in Thailand, the Philippines and China.

Being a modern country, Singapore is ideal for holiday making and business. If you’ve not been to this tropical country, do plan your Singapore vacations soon!


Singapore MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) is Easy to Use